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We believe that supporting creativity, encouraging community connections, and promoting sustainability and human rights are important ways to help the world become a better place. Our T-shirts, clothing, life-style accessories and business practices are all manifestations of that belief.

Imagine excellence, edge, attitude, sustainability, and innovation all in one! Imagine individuals creating together, working together, growing together, lifting one another, and celebrating each other’s achievements!

Imagine that wonderful synergy! This is what TIESJURT is all about!


We envision making a global impact as the TIESJURT brand connects with thousands of individuals who share our values. Our hope is that we will help generate countless artistic and sustainable enclaves where people can design, shop, eat, play, participate, collaborate and give back to the community. We believe that these communal efforts will serve as a compelling inspiration for others to do the same!



CREATE – In our T-shirt workshop you can design your unique T-shirt. After all, your T-shirt is an extension of your personality!
While not everyone is a born designer, we can help you create a
T-shirt based on your vision. Go for quirky, go for unique, playful, or striking– wherever your imagination takes you!

SUSTAINABILITY – All of our clothing is made with sustainably-sourced organic cotton and other natural materials under working conditions that respect and advance human rights. Many of our fabrics are also GOTS certified, and our suppliers are members of the Fair Wear Foundation. Our lifestyle and gift items are made in small workshops and are selected based on creativity and sustainability.

COLLABORATE – We believe that small businesses and individuals, not corporations, are fundamental to what we hope to achieve. The synergy between artists, colleagues, members of communities, and our customers make up a wonderful expression of creativity.

EDUCATE – We offer a wide range of online workshops for both children and adults. From photography courses to learning how to illustrate or write poetry, we spark new interests and give exciting new avenues of self-growth and self-expression for all ages.

GIVE – One of the main reasons that we founded TIESJURT is to allow us a way to give! In addition to offering opportunities for creative individuals to learn, discover, develop and grow, we also give a percentage of our revenue to nonprofit organisations. In addition, every three months, we release a limited-edition T-shirt, The entire proceeds from our ‘Let’s Give’ t-shirts campaign goes directly to charity.

PARTICIPATE – Volunteers are important components of our team. They not only help with our monthly charity events, but also use their talents and expertise to help with workshops for single parents, a coffee hour for lonely elderly individuals, or an activity afternoon for disadvantaged young people. There are so many opportunities to use your talents!