One of the main reasons that we founded TIESJURT is to allow us a way to give! In addition to offering opportunities for creative individuals to learn, discover, develop and grow, we also give a percentage of our revenue to nonprofit organisations. 


In addition, every three months, we release a limited-edition T-shirt, designed in collaboration with upcoming talent or a prominent figure. The entire proceeds from our ‘Let’s Give’ t-shirts campaign goes directly to charity. We have teamed up with several charities and will tell you a lot more about our plans soon, so keep an eye on this page and our socials!
Several cliffs and caves on a desert full of dry grass under a cloudy sky during daytime
Reed grass in bloom, scientific name Phragmites australis, deliberately blurred, gently swaying in the wind on the shore of a pond, Wind close-up black and white
Would you like to join us? We are always looking for volunteers to help with our monthly charity events. We can use your talents and expertise to help with free workshops for single parents, a coffee hour for lonely elderly individuals, or an activity afternoon for disadvantaged young people. There are so many opportunities to give!
Roos Hoenderdos is a Dutch designer, who lives in Haarlem. With drawing and photography, she captures funny and special moments and connects to the people around her.